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Jake Lassiter: Wry Wit and Cynical Wisdom

By Paul Levine UPDATE: BUM DEAL, the 13th and FINAL entry in the Jake Lassiter series, launches June 12, 2018, and may now be pre-ordered here. Fighting brain damage, Lassiter switches teams and prosecutes a surgeon accused of killing his wife. Only problem: no evidence, no witnesses, and no body. My first Jake Lassiter novel,…

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A dark secret in Jake’s past comes back to haunt him in Lassiter. It’s a tale of rough justice and revenge that sees the hard-boiled lawyer on a mission to uncover the facts about the disappearance 18 years previously of a runaway teen turned porn star.

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CTE: The Deadly Issue Behind “Bum Luck”

Mystery Writer and former skip tracer Terry Ambrose interviewed me about Bum Luck for his blog,, which I’m reprinting here. The subject of former NFL players dying of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has been in the news since publication of the novel in which linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter suffers symptoms of brain damage. By Terry Ambrose…

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Writing Tips — Put Your Butt in the Chair

Paul Levine author of the Jake Lassiter series

Novelist Paul Levine has some writing tips. Why is “write what you know” bad advice? What does Stephen King say about rewriting? How does Paul find so much humor in court? And why does he pay homage to John D. MacDonald? Q: Paul, you frequently speak to aspiring authors. Any writing tips you want to…

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hard-boiled PI

“The Big Thrill,” the monthly publication of International Thriller Writers, recently grilled author Paul Levine about BUM RAP, his new legal thriller. BUM RAP brings together Jake Lassiter, the linebacker-turned-lawyer, and Steve Solomon & Victoria Lord, squabbling Miami law partners. In a starred review, Booklist calls the novel “an irresistible Florida crime romp.” Q: Paul,…


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