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Courtroom Drama: Trials & Errors

courtroom drama

By Paul Levine In 17 years as a trial lawyer, I saw a lot of courtroom drama. But I never witnessed a judge shouting “Order in the court!” Still, that hasn’t stopped me from writing scenes in which the judge angrily silences an unruly mob, his gavel echoing like a rifle shot. I’ve taken liberties,…

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Legal Thrillers: Best of All Time

By Paul Levine (First of a series) What are the greatest legal thrillers of all time? I’m defining the term broadly. To me, a legal thriller is any novel in which courtroom scenes or the justice system play a major role in the plot. To get technical about it, Wikipedia defines the legal thriller as:…

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The Books of Scott Turow

Scott Turow and Paul Levine in Los Angeles… The two heavyweights of legal thrillers, John Grisham and Scott Turow, have new novels out at the same time.  We examined Grisham’s blockbuster “Sycamore Row”  in a prior blog.  Today, let’s take a look at the books of Scott Turow, starting with his law school memoir and concluding…

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