• Forty years ago, Joe Paterno wrote Paul a handwritten note, congratulating him on making Law Review. Joe was Paul’s hero then. And still is.
  • ...and speaking of Superlawyers, here’s Paul’s best pal Stuart Grossman atop Aspen Mountain in July 2013.
  • “May it please the Court!” Marcia Silvers is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer, chosen a “Superlawyer” by her peers.
  • For Paul’s birthday, Marcia made a heckuva good strawberry pavlova cake.
  • Marcia argues a death penalty case at the Florida Supreme Court.
  • Paul and Marcia in the Silver Queen gondola on Aspen Mountain.
  • Granddaughter Violet has obviously been reading one of Pop’s books.
  • Grandchildren Jonah and Lexi on Martha’s Vineyard.
  • At this writing, daughter Wendy is 42, but doesn’t look or act it, as she rides an ATV in Whistler, British Columbia.
  • For a reason they can’t explain, both Marcia and Paul are very fond of this photo of the mailboxes in front of their Boulder, CO summer rental.
  • The “greenhouse” cockpit of Fifi.
  • Paul at the navigator’s desk (with map of Japanese islands). His father, Lt. Stan Levine, was the navigator on the “Sad Tomato” and the “Nip Clipper.”
  • Paul’s father was shot down in a B-29 over Japan in 1945. In 2013, Paul took a ride on “Fifi,” the last airborne Superfortress.
  • Dave Barry and Michelle Kaufman said it was a 1960's party, though it was held in 2013. We did the best we could.
  • Son Mike, daughter-in-law Aja and their daughter Violet at Fairchild Tropical Gardens (next to a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture). What beauties!
  • Daughter Wendy with her children, Jonah and Lexi. Pop is so proud.
  • With daughter Wendy and son Mike at the Edgar Allan Poe awards.
  • Paul and Marcia frequently lean on each other.
  • Daughter Wendy with hubby Mike and my grandkids Jonah and Lexi are ALWAYS at the beach.
  • I always swore I wouldn't be one of those grandparents who pastes endless photos of his grandkids on his website.  Oh, here's granddaughter Violet with son Mike.