Getting Hitched: Marcia Silvers & Paul Levine, Miami, March 29, 2004

Getting Hitched: Marcia Silvers & Paul Levine, Miami, March 29, 2014

  • Violet & Michael at Matheson
  • Sachs Pack
  • Paul and Marcia
  • Edgar Allan Poe Awards
  • Wendy with Jonah and Lexi
  • Mike, Aja, and Violet
  • Sixties Party
  • Fifi
  • At the Navigator’s Desk
  • Fifi Cockpit
  • Boulder Mailboxes
  • Wendy
  • Grandchildren
  • Granddaughter Violet
  • In the Gondola
  • Marcia at the Florida Supreme Court
  • Birthday Cake
  • Marcia Silvers
  • Paul and Stuart
  • Joe Paterno

I always swore I wouldn’t be one of those grandparents who pastes endless photos of his grandkids on his website.  Oh, here’s granddaughter Violet with son Mike.

Daughter Wendy with hubby Mike and my grandkids Jonah and Lexi are ALWAYS at the beach.

Paul and Marcia frequently lean on each other.

With daughter Wendy and son Mike at the Edgar Allan Poe awards.

Daughter Wendy with her children, Jonah and Lexi. Pop is so proud.

Son Mike, daughter-in-law Aja and their daughter Violet at Fairchild Tropical Gardens (next to a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture). What beauties!

Dave Barry and Michelle Kaufman said it was a 1960’s party, though it was held in 2013. We did the best we could.

Paul’s father was shot down in a B-29 over Japan in 1945. In 2013, Paul took a ride on “Fifi,” the last airborne Superfortress.

Paul at the navigator’s desk (with map of Japanese islands). His father, Lt. Stan Levine, was the navigator on the “Sad Tomato” and the “Nip Clipper.”

The “greenhouse” cockpit of Fifi.

For a reason they can’t explain, both Marcia and Paul are very fond of this photo of the mailboxes in front of their Boulder, CO summer rental.

At this writing, daughter Wendy is 42, but doesn’t look or act it, as she rides an ATV in Whistler, British Columbia.

Grandchildren Jonah and Lexi on Martha’s Vineyard.

Granddaughter Violet has obviously been reading one of Pop’s books.

Paul and Marcia in the Silver Queen gondola on Aspen Mountain.

Marcia argues a death penalty case at the Florida Supreme Court.

For Paul’s birthday, Marcia made a heckuva good strawberry pavlova cake.

“May it please the Court!” Marcia Silvers is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer, chosen a “Superlawyer” by her peers.

…and speaking of Superlawyers, here’s Paul’s best pal Stuart Grossman atop Aspen Mountain in July 2013.

Forty years ago, Joe Paterno wrote Paul a handwritten note, congratulating him on making Law Review. Joe was Paul’s hero then. And still is.