• Paul Defends Lee Child
  • Bestselling Legal Thrillers, Sept. 2012
  • Paul with Michael Connelly
  • Paul with Scott Turow
  • A barbershop quartet
  • Paul with daughter Wendy Sachs
  • Daughter Wendy
  • Son Mike marries Aja Cole
  • Nip Clipper
  • Chip off the old Writer’s Block
  • Flanked by university
  • Paul
  • Paul on the balcony
  • The author photo
  • Faulkner
  • Paul, portraying a Secret Service agent
  • California motorists
  • Paul tells James Carville
  • Paul and son Mike
  • Winners of the John D. MacDonald Fiction award
  • Ballistic
  • One of Paul’s favorite views
  • In Germany
  • Paul’s first short-story
  • Twenty years after
  • Paul makes Dave Barry laugh
  • Paul’s first book signing
  • Congrats to Penn State

Using a cane after knee surgery, Paul defends best-selling author Lee Child on a murder charge at the first Thrillerfest.  (The jury hung.)

The three best-selling legal thrillers on Amazon Kindle, September 2012.

Paul with Michael Connelly in Westwood, CA.

With lawyer-novelist Scott Turow in Los Angeles.

Paul shoves books off the desk at Forbes.

A barbershop quartet? No, it’s Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Paul & Mike Levine at the Edgars.

Paul with daughter Wendy Sachs at a joint book signing. Wendy is the author of “How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms.”

Daughter Wendy, her husband Michael, and children Jonah and Lexi.

Son Mike marries Aja Cole on the backlot at Paramount. No, it only looks like a fairytale setting. It’s really the classic Greencrest Manor in Battle Creek, MI.

The “Nip Clipper,” Lt. Stan Levine’s B-29 in World War II. The plane was shot down over Japan in August 1945.

Chip off the old Writer’s Block. Paul’s daughter, Wendy Sachs, author of “How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay-at-Work Moms.”

Flanked by university trustee Ed Hintz (left) and president Graham Spanier, Paul (wearing his books-on-shelves library tie), recives Penn State’s Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Paul, doing his best to appear scholarly and writerly… but still looking like a smart-aleck.

Paul on the balcony of the Miami-Dade County Courthouse. Overhead are courthouse vultures. No Lawyer jokes, please.

The author photo that never was. Hey, your books are set in Florida. Palm trees, alligators, mosquitoes. Lose the lariat, cowboy.

Faulkner wrote in the post office; Turow wrote on the train; Paul wrote in the morgue. Yes, the bodies are real.

Paul, portraying a Secret Service agent, guards Dave Barry, portraying a presidential candidate at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival.

California motorists along the Mexican border will recognize this sign. It helped inspire the book, “Illegal.

Paul tells James Carville his plans for saving the world. This was at a lawyers’ shindig in Punta Mita, Mexico where guest speaker (no kidding) Heidi Fleiss discussed the ills of the legal system

Paul and son Mike outside the “Paul J. Levine Reading Room” at Penn State. Lest you think the author shelled out the moolah for the room, nope. It’s the contribution of Paul’s pal Carmen Finestra, the famed television writer and wit.

Winners of the John D. MacDonald Fiction award: Elmore Leonard and Paul Levine. “I’m overwhelmed,” Paul said in his acceptance speech. “I haven’t been so surprised since I passed the Bar exam.”

“Ballistic” is Paul’s only novel without lawyers or courtrooms. It’s a “loose-nukes” thriller that imagines what might happen if a terrorist cult took over a nuclear missile silo.

One of Paul’s favorite views of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. This is the cover photo for the ebook edition of “Night Vision.”

In Germany, Paul’s “Solomon vs. Lord” novels are published under the name “Polly Levine,” at the request of the publisher who thought women readers would respond to a female author.

Paul’s first short-story anthology is a bestseller on Kindle. One story features Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord from the Edgar-nominated series of novels.

Twenty years after publication in hardcover, the Jake Lassiter novels gain new readers as ebooks.

Paul makes Dave Barry laugh. The moment is frozen in time on the wall at Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL.

Paul’s first book signing. Trying hard to look like a writer, he wears all black in JULY in Miami!

Congrats to Penn State students for their tireless support of the Four Diamonds Fund, which funds treatment for kids with cancer at Hershey Children’s Hospital. Proceeds from “To Speak for the Dead” go to the charity.