Suffering brain damage from his days as a football player, Jake Lassiter says goodbye to the courtroom…until his nephew Kip desperately needs his help. Kip has been working with millionaire Max Ringle in a shady scheme to help rich, entitled kids gain admission to elite universities.

The mastermind of the fraud, Ringle cops a plea to save his own hide and shifts the blame to Kip who’s charged with multiple federal crimes. Dr. Melissa Gold, a famed neurologist and Lassiter’s fiancée, supervises experimental treatments intended to keep the ailing lawyer strong enough for a grueling trial. As a fiery showdown looms with Ringle, Lassiter risks everything – including his own life – to keep his nephew out of prison.

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“A riveting legal thriller that Grisham fans will love.” —Blue Ink (starred review)

“The recent college admissions scandal provides the spark for Edgar finalist Levine’s clever [and] exciting ‘Cheater’s Game.’” —Publishers Weekly

“Clever, funny and seriously on point when it comes to the inequities of society and the justice system, Cheater’s Game is top-notch stuff from Paul Levine. His Jake Lassiter is my kind of lawyer!” —Michael Connelly, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

“One seismic courtroom battle…an occasion for pyrotechnics that really blaze.” —Booklist

“Paul Levine, whose ‘Solomon vs Lord’ was named one of the ‘Best Legal Thrillers of the 21st Century,’ is again firing on all cylinders. ‘Cheater’s Game’ is a razor-sharp, rollicking legal thriller that deftly transforms the college admissions scandal into a hugely entertaining crime story.” —

“Only a writer as experienced, clever, funny, and flat-out brilliant as Paul Levine could make the legal issues of the college scandal so clear and also so ridiculously entertaining. The courtroom scenes not only ring with authenticity, they zing with wit, intelligence, and pure fun.” —Lee Goldberg, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

“Great reading and great courtroom drama. A highly recommended read.” —Book Review Crew

“The courtroom scenes fly by in a flurry of cross-examination, colorful witnesses, and creative legal shenanigans. Clever foreshadowing hints at big twists without robbing them of their effectiveness. The trial races toward a conclusion that is both satisfying and startling.” —Foreword Reviews

“One of the best installments in this long-running series, this latest entry turns things up a notch by putting literally everything on the line for Lassiter.” —Bookreporter

“Good courtroom action, fun characters, and a wonderful voice. Cheater’s Game is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.” —Irresponsible Reader

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