Habeas Porpoise

A panicked call from Steve’s 12-year-old nephew in the dead of night. A dangerous gang of animal liberation fanatics. Two kidnapped dolphins and a high-speed chase.

In Habeas Porpoise, this sizzling scenario kick-starts a chain of events where animal rights and human rights collide.  By morning, one person is dead, Steve Solomon has a wrenching shoulder injury and a new client…one of the dolphin kidnappers. Victoria Lord is on the case, too—but on the opposite side!  She’s the newly appointed prosecutor.

Habeas Porpoise: A Conspiracy Unfolds

Solomon and Lord can agree on only one thing: they’re both determined to win, but as a far darker conspiracy is uncovered, the bickering pair soon realize that the case itself is only the tip of the iceberg. With conflicts of interest aplenty, Habeas Porpoise is the newest of the critically acclaimed, sly and witty Solomon vs. Lord series.


“A quick and tightly crafted caper with endearing wit and memorable characters.” Publishers Weekly

“Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord are smart and funny and sexy in a way that Hollywood movies were before comedies became crass and teen-oriented.” Connecticut Post

“A Moonlighting crime novel. Great fun.” Lansing State Journal

Habeas Porpoise keeps Levine’s string of hits intact. It would be a just and wonderful thing if this fine series could continue for a long time to come.” Bookreporter.com

“Quick and witty banter. Some of the funniest courtroom drama you can hope to find.” ReadingReview.com

“A great, fast-paced novel. If you like a little humor thrown into your legal thrillers, this one’s for you.” BlogCritics.org

“Entertaining and witty with lots of laughs.” MysteriousReviews.com

“With Jimmy Buffet playing in the background, lying in hammock with a cold margarita, stretch out and relax with this laugh-inducing series.” FrontStreetReviews.com

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