Mortal Sin

“They don’t call us sharks for our ability to swim.”

Jake Lassiter faces an ethical dilemma that isn’t on the Bar exam…and might get him killed.

In his toughest case yet, he’s sleeping with Gina Florio while defending her mob-connected, homicidal husband in a wrongful death suit.

One false move, and Jake will be gator bait.

When environmentalist Peter Tupton freezes to death on Florio’s property on the hottest day of a sweltering Miami summer, Jake becomes convinced that this death was no accident.

Determined to uncover the truth, he follows a trail of evidence that leads him deep into the Everglades, where Florio is apparently pursuing a scheme to bring casino gambling to an Indian reservation. Jake discovers that what’s really going on is a far more sinister plot that oozes corruption, blood and money.

Living by his own rules, the savvy Jake Lassiter battles a world of deceit, perversity and mayhem to risk body and soul for truth, justice and the Lassiter Way.

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“Engaging…lively…colorful. The plot races with mounting tension.” – Miami Herald

“Just the remedy for those who can’t get enough Spenser and miss Travis McGee terribly.” St. Petersburg Times

Mortal Sin may not be better than a trip to Florida, but it’s the next best thing.” – Detroit Free Press

“Fun…the action is non-stop.” Chicago Tribune

“Recalling the work of Carl Hiaasen, this thriller races to a smashing climax.” – Library Journal

“Wonderfully funny, sexy, and terrifying.” – Dave Barry

“Take one part John Grisham, two parts Carl Hiaasen, throw in a dash of John D. MacDonald, and voila! You’ve got Mortal Sin.” – Tulsa World

“Jake Lassiter is great fun.” – New York Times Book Review

“Hilarious, sexy, and full of blood-curdling action. This is Paul Levine at his rollicking and unrivaled best.” – Edna Buchanan

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