Jimmy (Royal) Payne and Human Trafficking

The horrors of human trafficking are at the center of Levine’s stand-alone thriller “ILLEGAL,” which  introduces trouble-prone L.A. lawyer Jimmy (Royal) Payne. When a mother and son are wrenched apart on a midnight border crossing, Payne uncharacteristically tries to do the right thing and is soon swept up in the shadowy world of human trafficking and sexual slavery. It’s an adrenaline-laced thriller with a social conscience.

“As thought provoking as it is action packed, ‘Illegal’ doesn’t shy away from depicting the ruthlessness of human trafficking.”–South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“A fast-paced and witty novel. Good for Levine that in the midst of this heavy drama, his complex characters pull us into their lives and keep us turning pages.”–Los Angeles Daily Journal

“‘Illegal’ has such a strong page-turning narrative that Levine’s detailed reporting on human trafficking never gets in the way of the suspense and the black comedy.”–Connecticut Post

“The seamy side of human trafficking is deftly exposed by the clear and concise writing of the Edgar Award nominated author. Levine should be commended for bringing the plight of the illegally detained victims into a forum which is both entertaining and insightful. Illegal is highly recommended.”  Midwest Book Review