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Jake Lassiter Runs Into “Bum Luck”

Bum Luck by Paul Levine

“Thirty seconds after the jury announced its verdict, I decided to kill my client.”

That’s the opening line of “Bum Luck,” in which linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter squares off against his toughest adversary yet: himself.

Lassiter doesn’t expect to win the murder trial. Evidence is overwhelming that NFL superstar Thunder Thurston killed his wife. But the jury says “not guilty,” stunning everyone, especially Lassiter. When his client Thurston walks free, Lassiter vows to seek his own kind of justice. Vigilante justice.

Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord can’t believe their friend has become obsessed with killing his own client. Convinced that Lassiter’s unhinged behavior stems from repeated concussions suffered during his pro football career, they beg him to seek treatment. But as Lassiter’s fixation on vengeance grows, Solomon and Lord wonder if they’re too late to help. Is it game over for Lassiter’s career…and his life?


“Another winner from Levine, BUM LUCK is a taut and dazzling legal thriller and a sly and witty rumination on the meaning of justice.” Robert Dugoni, New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

“Paul Levine continues his trademark brisk pacing with timely storytelling and well-placed humor. ‘Bum Luck’ is elevated further by teaming Jake with Steve and Victoria. The trio make an unstoppable team – concerned about the law, but even more about people.” – South Florida Sun-Sentinel (Oline Cogdill)

“A one-sit, must-read novel full of memorable characters and unforgettable vignettes. Levine’s pacing is perfect as always, and the pages just fly by, even as he juggles multiple plots with his own unique aplomb.” –

“Immensely entertaining. Paul Levine is among the best authors of legal thrillers, right up there with Grisham and Turow.” Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

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In Summer 2015, “Bum Rap” soared to the Number One position on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list. Additionally, it hit the top spot in both the “legal thriller” and “mystery” categories and catapulted Paul Levine to the Number One Bestselling Author in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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