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Paul Levine is an Amazon #1 Bestselling author of mysteries and legal thrillers. Drawing on his own life as a trial lawyer, Paul writes sizzling crime novels that have been published in 23 languages and adapted for television.

Jake Lassiter Tackles the College Admissions Scandal

“Clever, funny and seriously on point when it comes to the inequities of society and the justice system, Cheater’s Game is top-notch stuff from Paul Levine. His Jake Lassiter is my kind of lawyer!” – Michael Connelly

CHEATER’S GAME dives deep into the true-to-life college admissions scandal with an explosive federal trial that rocks the courthouse.

Suffering brain damage from his days as a football player, Miami lawyer Jake Lassiter says goodbye to the courtroom…until his nephew Kip desperately needs his help. Kip has been working with millionaire Max Ringle in a shady scheme to help rich, entitled kids gain admission to elite universities.

In a society without shame, where faking it is making it and deceit trumps virtue, integrity is for losers and cheaters win. Fairness? Forget about it! A meritocracy? In your dreams! Earn your diploma? Why bother, when you can buy it?–Jake Lassiter

The mastermind of the fraud, Ringle cops a plea to save his own hide and shifts the blame to Kip who’s charged with multiple federal crimes. Dr. Melissa Gold, a famed neurologist and Lassiter’s fiancée, supervises experimental treatments intended to keep the ailing lawyer strong enough for a grueling trial. As a fiery showdown looms with Ringle, Lassiter risks everything – including his own life – to keep his nephew out of prison.

A Kindle Unlimited title, CHEATER’S GAME will be published in Spring 2020 and is available for Pre-Orders Here.

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In Summer 2015, “Bum Rap” soared to the Number One position on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list. Additionally, it hit the top spot in both the “legal thriller” and “mystery” categories and catapulted Paul Levine to the Number One Bestselling Author in the Amazon Kindle Store.

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