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Jake Lassiter tackles high school football and becomes the most hated man in Miami

“The ending courtroom battle sears with intense and realistic turns…and builds to an unforgettable closing scene. An extraordinary hero stars in a legal tale as believable as it is riveting.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Best Book Award” 2023—PenCraft

“Best Legal Thriller” 2023—

When his godson suffers a catastrophic injury in a high school football game, lawyer Jake Lassiter sues to abolish the sport and becomes Public Enemy Number One. The former NFL linebacker also battles CTE, the fatal brain disease. With his personal life in tatters, he’s in couple’s therapy with fiancée Dr. Melissa Gold and vows to live long enough to fix his relationship and achieve justice for his godson.

“Levine scores with this complex and witty legal thriller. A winner.” – Publishers Weekly (★starred review★)

“With its singular characters, clever plotting, and focused storytelling, Levine’s punchy, well-written contemporary legal thriller will please John Grisham fans.”—Library Journal

“Grounded in reality, ‘Early Grave’ is a novel with heartfelt emotion, flashes of humor, and high-octane excitement.”—Franco Harris, NFL Hall of Fame Running Back

THE LAST LASSITER: Early Grave is the final novel of the series that began with the international bestseller To Speak for the Dead in 1990. All the “Lassiters” are stand-alones that may be enjoyed in any order, and all are Kindle Unlimited titles.

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Rich parents will pay anything to get their kids into college…
For a price, Kip Lassiter can get the perfect score on any test…
And Kip’s heartbroken Uncle Jake must defend an unwinnable case.

Kip has been working with millionaire Max Ringle in a shady scheme to help rich, spoiled kids gain admission to elite universities. Ringle, the mastermind of the fraud, cops a plea and shifts the blame to Kip.

Dr. Melissa Gold, Lassiter’s fiancée, tries to keep the ailing lawyer strong enough for a grueling trial, even as his symptoms of brain damage grow worse. As a fiery showdown with Ringle brings the courtroom to a fever pitch, Lassiter risks everything – including his own life – to fight for his nephew’s freedom.

“One of the best legal thrillers of 2020.” – Best Thrillers

NOTE: All the Lassiter novels are stand-alones that may be enjoyed in any order.

“Cheater’s Game” is a Kindle Unlimited title. For more information or to purchase, please visit the “Cheater’s Game” Amazon Page.

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In Summer 2015, “Bum Rap” soared to the Number One position on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list. Additionally, it hit the top spot in both the “legal thriller” and “mystery” categories and catapulted Paul Levine to the Number One Bestselling Author in the Amazon Kindle Store. “Bum Rap” is the first of three books to bring Jake Lassiter together with Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord. The books appear as individual titles and as a boxed set, “Miami Law.”

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