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Lassiter is hip deep in the criminal lawyer’s classic moral dilemma. He believes his client, NFL superstar Thunder Thurston, murdered his wife. But the jury just said “not guilty.” A lawyer is supposed to let it go. Another day, another dollar, another case. Not Jake Lassiter.

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When South Beach lawyer Steve Solomon is charged with murder, his law partner and lover Victoria Lord turns to Jake Lassiter to defend him. And when the ex-linebacker is your attorney, you’d better buckle your chinstrap because the law becomes a contact sport.

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“BUM DEAL” – Levine vs. Lassiter – The Final Chapter

bum deal

By Paul Levine and Jake Lassiter Author’s Note: This is the last time I sit down with that belligerent, ungrateful wretch Jake Lassiter who owes his very existence to me. He first appeared To Speak for the Dead in 1990, and now thankfully a dozen books later, I’m bidding him goodbye in Bum Deal, in…

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“BUM DEAL” – The Final Chapter for Jake Lassiter

final Jake Lassiter novel

By Paul Levine BUM DEAL, the 13th and FINAL book in the Jake Lassiter series, launches today. That’s right. I’m bidding farewell to my old pal Jake, the second-string linebacker who trudged through night law school and became a combative Miami trial lawyer. Sure, it’s a bit sad for me, but Jake’s been having these…

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