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Legal Thrillers and Rough Justice

legal thrillers

By Paul Levine In legal thrillers, rough justice is better than none at all. To explain, let’s start with a quote from my favorite fictional lawyer. “We eat what we kill. Hey, they don’t call us sharks for our ability to swim.” – Jake Lassiter It’s been twenty-five years since Jake Lassiter uttered those words…

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Courtroom Drama: Trials & Errors

courtroom drama

By Paul Levine In 17 years as a trial lawyer, I saw a lot of courtroom drama. But I never witnessed a judge shouting “Order in the court!” Still, that hasn’t stopped me from writing scenes in which the judge angrily silences an unruly mob, his gavel echoing like a rifle shot. I’ve taken liberties,…

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Mass Incarceration: Sentencing Insanity

mass incarceration

By Paul Levine Todd and Garrett were best friends from the west coast of Florida who loved fishing and drinking beer. After one long, hot day of doing both, they sat in Todd’s Ford pick-up at a gas station and argued over something stupid, as best friends sometimes do. Todd wanted to drive to his…

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