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SHATTERED JUSTICE – A Boxed Set of Three Bestsellers

This boxed set is a fantastic introduction to Paul Levine’s best-selling legal thrillers, and a must-read for any fan of crime fiction. It contains the author’s favorite novels: the first of the Solomon vs. Lord series, the first of the Jake Lassiter series, and the stand-alone thriller Illegal.

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PAYDIRT–Rigging the Super Bowl

“Paydirt” is a genre-busting crime thriller featuring a broken man who will do anything — including rigging the Super Bowl — to recover his life and win back his wife and son. Bobby Gallagher had it all…and lost it. Fired from his prestigious job, disbarred from the legal profession, divorced from the wife he loves,…

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ILLEGAL–A Human Trafficking Thriller

Down-on-his-luck lawyer Jimmy (Royal) Payne tackles cops, coyotes and a corrupt and powerful rancher in his quest to track a beautiful Mexican woman, who disappeared on a midnight border crossing. In this standalone thriller, Payne is drawn into the murky world of human trafficking, but haunted by a tragedy in his own past. Will his quest see his mistakes redeemed – or will he end up in a shallow grave?

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Free eBooks: The Road to Hell

The Road to Hell compilation gives readers four thrillers that have more in common than the word “hell” in their titles. Whether by land, by sea or simply in the mind, all the heroes of these exciting short stories must travel dark and dangerous paths, confronting devilish and powerful villains in their search for answers.

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When a doomsday cult captures a U.S. Air Force missile base, it’s up to a lowly sergeant and a female psychiatrist to stop a nuclear holocaust. In a crime thriller described as “Die Hard in a missile silo”, the heroic duo must work together to prevent Armageddon – at the same time as battling with their own demons.

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