Ethically-challenged Steve Solomon is a man who makes his own rules. Straight-laced Victoria Lord is a woman who sticks to the real ones. Together, they form an unlikely legal team in this exciting debut called “a sexy, wacky, wonderful thriller with humor and heart” by number one bestselling author Harlan Coben.

In their first outing, Solomon and Lord must work together on the case of a beautiful young woman who has been charged with killing her fabulously wealthy (and incredibly kinky) husband. The three of them become tangled in the steamiest trial of the century, as the lawyers  begin to suspect their client of lying through her perfect teeth.

Sparks Fly, Headlines Scream, and Opposites Attract in the Trial of the Century

Even after teaming up to defend the glamorous widow, Solomon and Lord just can’t see eye to eye. With crooks, con men, and a cast of colorful characters swirling around Solomon, and an anxious fiancé waiting at home for Lord, the argumentative attorneys must solve the case before they end up in ruin, in jail…or in bed.

Solomon vs. Lord was nominated for the Macavity Mystery Award and the James Thurber Humor Prize. Here’s what the critics have to say about this thrilling first installment of Paul Levine’s new series:


“Remarkably fresh and original with characters you can’t help loving and sparkling dialogue that echoes the Hepburn-Tracy screwball comedies. A hilarious, touching and entertaining twist on the legal thriller.” Chicago Sun-Times

“A funny, fast-paced legal thriller. The barbed dialogue makes for some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Fans of Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry will enjoy this humorous Florida crime romp.” – Publishers Weekly

Solomon vs. Lord brings Levine back to the world of books at the top of his game…. Some of the juiciest and funniest lingo I’ve read in a thriller in a long time.”

“The writing makes me think of Janet Evanovich out to dinner with John Grisham.”

“Paul Levine provides lots of pleasure and promise.” Chicago Tribune

“The repartee between Solomon and Lord is some of the greatest dialogue I have read in years, and is reminiscent of the very best of what we heard from Dave and Maddie in the early episodes of Moonlighting. Simply put, Solomon vs. Lord is one of my favorite novels of the year.”

“Solomon vs. Lord is a comic romp, a romance, a legal thriller, and a mystery, all written with heart and warmth and wit, razor-sharp dialogue, colorful memorable characters and a more than generous amount of genuine emotion.” Oakland (MI) Press

“Hiaasen meets Grisham in the court of last retort. A sexy, wacky, wonderful thriller with humor and heart.” Harlan Coben

“It’s great to see a new Paul Levine novel. He writes some of the funniest – and most wickedly accurate – courthouse dramas you’ll ever read.” Carl Hiaasen

Solomon vs. Lord is a howl. Not since Moonlighting has such a funny, combative, romantic relationship been depicted. This book is a winner!” Stephen J. Cannell

“Paul Levine has written a terrific courtroom drama that’s also funny as hell. It’s as if John Grisham wrote a book with…well, me.” Dave Barry

“This is what Tracy and Hepburn would have been like if they were allowed to show skin.” Jeff Arch, Screenwriter: Sleepless in Seattle

Solomon vs. Lord is a beauty. A fast, hilarious and suspenseful tale. When I wasn’t laughing out loud, I was burning through the pages as fast as my fingers could move.” James W. Hall

“A sexy read. Set in hot, hot Miami, the sexual tension flies off the page.”

“A risqué version of the classic bickering of Tracy and Hepburn… Solomon vs. Lord is a humorous, fast-paced legal romp…the dialogue is crisp and often wickedly barbed.”

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