Jake Lassiter’s law practice is booming…
He’s crazy about the new woman in his life…
His delinquent nephew Kip is getting A’s in school…

What can go wrong?

Oh…how about a charge of first degree murder?

Is this the End of Jake Lassiter?

When money goes missing from client trust accounts, Jake confronts his banker, Pamela Baylins…who also happens to be his lover. She accuses Jake of skimming client funds; he accuses her of dipping into the till. She threatens to report him to the Florida Bar and the State Attorney…and within hours is killed. All the evidence points to Jake, who is charged with murder.

State vs. Lassiter is the tenth installment of the best-selling Jake Lassiter series, set in Miami and described by CNN’s Larry King as “courtroom drama at its very, very best.” The legal thriller was nominated for a Shamus Award by the Private Eye Writers of America.

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Reviews For STATE vs. LASSITER

“Blend the wit of Carl Hiaasen with Elmore Leonard’s dialogue and throw in John Grisham’s courtroom skills, and you have 'State vs. Lassiter.'"-

"Lassiter’s narrative, which oscillates between self-deprecating and wiseass, is so entertaining and the story so deftly plotted that you will want to read more of his adventures even before you are through."-

"Lassiter is likeable and a character that stands tall like Jack Reacher, Travis McGee or Spenser.   Levine’s only problem is he isn’t prolific enough.  I want more Lassiter!" -- Pick of the Literate

"The best of the best. I love both the Jake Lassiter and Solomon and Lord series by Paul Levine. This is definitely the best Lassiter. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better."  - Goodreads 5-star review

"This was my first Lassiter.  Well, it won't be my last!  I enjoyed the characters, the courtroom drama, and the wisecracking.  If you're looking for a mystery series set in Hot Hot Hot Miami Beach, this one's for you.  Highly recommended." 5-star review

"Levine's leanest thriller, compelling Jake, jurors, and readers to rethink the fateful night's events as new details emerge." - My Life Called So